Nigel Roche Charity Fund

Hello Everyone, My name is Gareth Mason and I was a close friend of Nigel. Once I heard of his passing it upset me immensely, I simply could not comprehend it, I thought it was just a bad dream. Then reality kicked in. He was a wonderful person who would make the darkest days the most beautiful! He was fun, energetic and the type of lovely soul we all need in our life!  I miss him very much.


As most of you know (who attended the charity event evening) I went to the funeral a week before his actual funeral and found myself in the middle of an Indian Funeral with a rainbow tie and lots of angry Indians looking at me!!! I mean I knew he was a man of colour, but this was just taking the piss!, so I went to the office next door and asked 'Is Nigel Roche being cremated here?'. to which she replied 'Yes he is', I then said 'Thank god', she replied 'He is being cremated this time NEXT week'

I looked up to the sky and said 'You've gone below the belt now Mr Roche!!!' but laughed a lot, and I then ordered an uber home (it was the same driver), he said 'Bloody hell that was quick!' to which I replied 'I got the wrong F*cking date didnt I!'. He laughed so hard I thought he was dying or having a hernia!

You owe me an uber trip Mr Roche!!!! xxxxxxx

The 'Gorge' Ometer