A Telephone Call to NYC Langone

This is the truth and nothing but the truth

In 2017 I had a collapse in New York, I was taken to the hospital against my will, put into a corridor and was refused to be released on my own free will.

When returning to the UK I phoned my insurance company and sent them my discharge paperwork, to only be told that there was cocaine in my urine, which is impossible as I do not take drugs at all.

I fought this for 2 years to clear my name, meanwhile my insurance company made absolutely no effort in contacting the hospital at all for 2 years and I fought this battle on my own. They were the most unhelpful company I have ever come across and basically put the phone down on me on numerous occasions. They also went back on my medical records for 5 years not 2 years as stated in their terms and conditions, therefor breaking the rules of the Data Protection act. Therefore I took the matter into my own hands and won. But all the time and costs etc have taken it's toll on my health now. To clarify that the Insurance company did not make any contact or help me is proven in the phone call below.

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