Insurance Claim against Virgin Money & Mapfree Assistance

Below is a Telephone call made to NYU Langone Medical Centre on Friday 28th June 2019, a company that treated me for Medical conditions, all proven to be legit and under my medical insurance (slight disputes prior to this, but all resolved and settled in the end, due to documented proof and evidence). This conversation clearly states that Mapfree 'Assistance' ??? have NEVER EVER been in contact with the hospital in question, yet Mapfree 'Assistance' insist they have been in contact throughout the 22 month hell I have been leading. I have asked for all documentation and recorded phone calls between Mapfree 'Assistance' & NYU Langone Medical Centre........Nothing consistent or substantial has EVER been provided and I still continue to ask for this, but I now have the phone slammed down on me by Mapfree 'Assistance', just for clarification the word Assistance in the dictionary is:  "act of helping or aiding", if Mapfree 'Assistance' can detail this help they have given over the last 2 years I would be most welcome to read and review your documentation and listen to the voice conversations you continually say you have had with the hospital in question. If you have lost these phone calls (as you conveniently did) when a call centre staff member admitted to losing my EXTREMELY confidential Medical Records, I would rather you admit your faults than go through more paperwork and visiting my solicitor and doing endless TV interviews.

Below are all the pages of letters and correspondence I have made to NYU Langone off my own back (without any help whatsoever from "Mapfree Assistance" or Virgin Money/Travel) and distracting me from earning a living, working and at the same time destroying my own self confidence. Please note these are not single pages, they are batches of around 100 pages. It's RIDICULOUS!!!

NYC Hospital Correspondence.jpg

Proof That I made the phone call to the American Hospital